Ryanair to offer a lifeline to Spain’s ghost airport

Ryanair will become the first airline to operate flights from Castellon's airport

LAST UPDATED: 11 Mar, 2015 @ 10:57

CastellonBUDGET airline Ryanair is set to offer a lifeline to Spain’s ‘ghost airport’ in Castellon.

The Irish-based airline is set to announce plans to fly from the airport, which has stood empty since its €150m construction took place four years ago.

Widely regarded as a symbol of the country’s economic strife, the airport was one of many gratuitous building projects born out of a pre-recession property boom.

Flights will link the UK and other northern European countries to the airport, just north of Valencia.

The airport was commissioned by the leader of Castellon province, Carlos Fabra, despite there already being two airports nearby.

Ryanair is due to hold a press conference later today to confirm the reports.

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  1. YUP – RYANAIR RT from the London to Castellon – only 19.95 with 85 Kgs or wife/bags included!!?
    They also have exclusive transports to the nearby city for 1.000 euros.. or you can walk there!

  2. Maybe this is all to do with the start of those cheap inspection flights again and all for the next property boom and bust, (not)? Is O’Leary related to that awful MRI bloke being Irish and all that?

    Call me an old fashioned cynic Lol