Spanish manhunt targets Torremolinos for leading gangster Patrick ‘Patsy’ Adams

An international manhunt has been launched for Britain’s most dangerous gangster thought to have fled to Spain

LAST UPDATED: 27 May, 2015 @ 16:50

Patrick 'Patsy' Adams
Patrick ‘Patsy’ Adams

AN international manhunt has been launched for Britain’s most dangerous gangster who is thought to have fled to Spain.

Patrick ‘Patsy’ Adams is wanted in connection with an attempted murder – thought to be a gangland hit – more than two years ago.

The 59-year-old – known as the ‘enforcer’ in the infamous Adams crime family – reportedly owns a villa near Torremolinos with his wife Constance, 54, who is also wanted.

British police named the couple in connection with the London shooting and believe they have been hiding out in Spain or Holland since then.

Detective Inspector Glenn Butler said: “It is apparent, by the nature of this violent crime, that they need to be traced and interviewed by police.”

The Adams family – also known as the Clerkenwell Crime Syndicate or simply the A-team – were for decades the most feared criminal force in London.

Trading in drugs, murder and armed robbery, the family was the best connected and the smartest gang in the capital.

But evading the law for so many years now appears to be catching up on the brothers, including the eldest Terry, now 60, who last year declared himself bankrupt after coming out of prison and forfeiting his fortune under the proceeds of crime act.


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