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My holidays have arrived… hurray!

LAST UPDATED: 6 Jun, 2015 @ 07:15

eddie the dogMY holidays have arrived… hurray! We are going to the beach where I can get some time off from the daily grind of sleeping, walking and eating.

It’s a two hour journey from the Ronda mountains to the Atlantic Coast – which of course is 14 hours in dog time. The good thing is that when we arrive those humans only get two days there:  I get two weeks.

And how jolly it all is. I adore the large expanses of sand  where I can chase balls and sticks. The master has measured my stride at over 3 metres when I am in full pursuit of a missile, pretty impressive.

But the best way to keep cool on a warm beach for me – apart from swimming – is to dig a hole that means I can lie on the wetter, cooler sand. Genius, I know. The excavation is amusing and especially so when I can get my aim right and cover the humans with sand while they are sun-bathing.

I do get told off but it’s much better than being ignored, don’t you think?


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