Ronda fire chief sacked for filling swimming pool from fire truck

An anonymous tipster reported that the chief had used the truck to fill his pool on several occasions

LAST UPDATED: 11 Aug, 2015 @ 12:33

Juan Pimentel, fire chief of Ronda

RONDA’S fire chief has been sacked after it was discovered that he used an official fire truck to fill his swimming pool.

Juan Pimentel maintains his innocence, insisting that the truck needed to be emptied due to a fissure and he used his swimming pool out of necessity.

However, an investigation by Malaga’s Consortium of Police and Firemen (CPB) found Pimentel responsible for the misconduct and have dismissed him from his position as chief of Ronda’s firefighters.

An instruction judge will now decide whether or not to try Pimentel, who allegedly used the official truck to fill his pool on several occasions, according to an anonymous tip off.

The manager of the CPB, Manuel Marmolejo, has called the matter “very serious” and said that even in the case of an issue with the truck, the water should have been emptied into Ronda’s municipal lake, not into Pimentel’s swimming pool.


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