A traumatic head injury killed Cilla Black, says coroner

Cilla Black died from a traumatic head injury

LAST UPDATED: 14 Aug, 2015 @ 17:36

Cilla BlackNATIONAL treasure Cilla Black died from a traumatic head injury two weeks ago in her Estepona home.

Coroner Andre Rebello told Liverpool Coroner’s Court that the TV star’s fall was the cause of death, contrary to previous reports that she died of a stroke.

The funeral of the 72-year-old is set for next Thursday at St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Liverpool.

Local residents reacted with surprise and grief to the star who had spent a month in her luxury El Paraiso villa every year since the 1980s.


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  1. She was dead when her Son found her and had been lying in full sun for about 4 hours. At least read the report before commenting. The Spanish autopsy made no mention of a stroke and yesterday the UK Inquest agreed.

    The facts are she fell, knocking over a table in the process, hit her head on a wall and was not discovered for around 4 hours at which time she was already dead.