Fabulous fortnight in Gibraltar

LAST UPDATED: 22 Sep, 2015 @ 15:29

IT has been a momentous month for the Rock so far.

RIP-ROARING: Picardo reaffirms Gibraltar's right to self-determination
RIP-ROARING: Picardo reaffirms Gibraltar’s right to self-determination

First came a sell-out music festival featuring huge international acts, including Madness and Kings of Leon… and a crowd so happy they even kept the faith when a certain Paloma forgot which country she was in.

Next up, National Day wowed like never before with Fabian Picardo and co delivered rip-roaring speeches focused on self-determination.

And let’s not forget the meeting of the Chief Minister and former foreign secretary Miguel Moratinos setting out plans for a new dawn of cross-border cooperation, should PSOE win this winter.

And the three exciting projects coming to fruition… the state-of-the-art university, an international backgammon tournament and a fabulous 6,000 seater football stadium.

Last, but not least, there is a new free newspaper on the block; the Gibraltar Olive Press.

We hear it’s worth a read, if, perhaps, the Gibraltar Chronicle has sold out.


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