Kenny McSween was beaten up
Kenny McSween

A BRITISH DJ has been attacked by a madman who tried to ‘chew off his face’ in Ibiza.

The Spanish maniac, whose arms were smeared in vaseline, bit into Kenny McSween’s forehead and pummelled him during a 20-minute assault, seen on CCTV.

Bizarrely, while Spanish police turned up to save him they clasped him in handcuffs.

Kenny, 38, said: “I honestly thought he was going to kill me. I feel like I’ve gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson.

“My face swelled up like a balloon and I was dripping with blood from where he bit me.

“The sound of him biting me still haunts me – he was growling like a wild animal.

“I’ve had to return to the UK because I genuinely feared for my life.”
The assault took place in party town San Antonio and the British Embassy have been informed.