Man imprisoned for a year for letting dog die

Andres Romero will spend one year behind bars for letting his dog die of hunger in 2013

LAST UPDATED: 29 Oct, 2015 @ 14:08

DEATH SENTENCE: 30 dogs to be put down

A MAN who left his dog to starve will spend a year behind bars.

Andres Feria Romera has been sentenced to a year in Palma de Mallorca prison for leaving his dog to starve and abandoning it in April 2013.

His brother denounced him for the crime and the judge, Maria Jesus Campos, imprisoned him for cruelty to animals.

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  1. During my time in Guadix, out hiking with our 3 abandoned dogs (subsequently stolen) I saw over the years, the skeletons of dogs tied to olive trees and left to die of thirst and starvation.

    One skeleton was very close to a hamlet near Guadix. I went into the hamlet and asked who was responsible, no answer of course. I left them with a promise that one day I might return and tie all of them to trees, while each day I would return with a hearty picnic and some wine and watch them die slowly.

  2. This man should be denied food and water, let him starve to death. And well done to the brother for doing what was right. 1 year is not long enough though.

  3. If this is what it takes to combat animal cruelty, then good. There are still too many dogs left permanently on chains that are hardly ever fed and when they are, it usually consists of some bread being chucked down.

  4. pg,
    you need to find some but sadly I don’t think you’ve got any, hence your pathetic reply ignoring the callous treatment of sentient beings. I think your one of those who could’nt care less as long as your not effected. FYI – conditional therapy works every time.