AWOL Hatton Garden mastermind thought to be hiding on Costa del Sol

The €31 million Hatton Gardens jewellery heist was a ‘last hurrah’ by a gang of ageing crooks with dreams of retiring to the Costa del Sol

LAST UPDATED: 18 Jan, 2016 @ 12:50

hatton_garden_bank_jobIT was a throwback to the crime’s of last century.

The €31 million Hatton Garden jewellery heist was a ‘last hurrah’ by a gang of ageing crooks with dreams of retiring to the Costa del Sol, it has emerged.   

With six members of the gang tracked down and sentenced in the UK, police are now attempting to pin down the one remaining mastermind of the robbery.

Known only as ‘Basil’, the missing member of the gang – which has an average age of 63 – has gone AWOL, with police believing he is hiding out on the Costa del Sol.   

However, investigators admit that they know little else about Basil.

The crooks – who were caught after boasting about their heist in a London pub –  drew on experiences from two crimes which several members were involved in: the £26 million Brink’s Mat gold heist and the £6 million Security Express cash robbery.

They enjoyed links to powerful gangsters, from the Kray twins to the violent Adams crime syndicate.

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  1. The really successful crooks are the ones who work alone and keep their mouths shut. The good ones are never caught. There are burglars that have led successful careers, stealing from the rich, they commute to work, never ever ‘working’ their own place of abode. They fly or use Eurostar to sell the proceeds in Europe and they never use violence.

    The only difference between them and the crooks who work in financial services is that they make much less money and don’t get knighted for their efforts.