Estepona coastal walkway to be built by French developer

LAST UPDATED: 2 Apr, 2016 @ 20:01

The Senda Litoral in Mijas on the Costa del Sol
The Senda Litoral in Mijas on the Costa del Sol

MORE French riviera-style seafront boardwalks are to be laid in a push to connect the entire Costa del Sol.

French developer Les Rivages is investing €500,000 on a new section on the outskirts of Estepona where it is spending €12 million building 18 luxury properties.

The boardwalk is part of the Senda Litoral project to link 180km of coast stretching from Nerja to Manilva.

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    • Marianne – you can find more details about the project on the Ayuntamiento’s web page: “”. Look for ‘Corredor Litoral’

  1. Also, will it be of the same construction as the wooden walkway built by the developers of the Doncella Beach urbanisation next door which didn’t manage to last one full winter when it was washed away in December?