Missing British expat Lisa Brown case police in Lanzarote yacht probe

Cops search boat thought to belong to murder suspect Simon Corner

LAST UPDATED: 25 May, 2016 @ 16:05

A YACHT suspected of belonging to Simon Corner has been searched by police in Lanzarote.

Forensic officers from Cadiz and Madrid investigating the disappearance of Corner’s ex-girlfriend Lisa Brown could be seen combing the boat for clues in island capital Arrecife.

CUFFED: Simon Corner hauled into court. PHOTO: Copyright The Olive Press
CUFFED: Simon Corner hauled into court. PHOTO: Copyright The Olive Press

Mother-of-one Lisa disappeared from her Guardiaro home on November 4, with Corner feeling Spain shortly afterwards.

The yacht – the Daydream – being searched is reportedly on sale for 23,000.

A local witness reported saying he saw two British men on the yacht when it arrived at Marina Lanzarote in January.

It is believed Corner, who changed his name from Dean Woods, travelled to the Canary Islands and Ireland after going on the run.

He also reportedly travelled to Thailand and Vietnam.

The yacht was found just a few miles from the headquarters of Irish crime clan boss Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch.

Corner is currently in Botafuegos prison in Algeciras awaiting questioning on suspicion of Lisa’s murder.

The Liverpudlian has also made a second appearance at a San Roque court.

It follows his initial court hearing this month after his arrest in Copenhagen in April.

A European Arrest Warrant was issued for Corner in April.



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