Helping Hands continues to provide care after almost 30 years

They opened a training centre in Spain in 2014

LAST UPDATED: 27 Jun, 2016 @ 16:50

helping handsHELPING Hands, a leading UK care provider, has been supporting people to remain at home with award-winning care since 1989.

An ideal career choice for expats or people looking to supplement their income in the UK, Live-in Care is a full-time homecare service where our Carers live with the customer seven days a week, providing personal care, companionship and daily support.

Most placements last approximately 6-8 weeks, followed by a break, enabling you to return to Spain in between placements.

By dividing your time between work in England and home life in Spain, you can arrange regular visits to family and friends to coincide with care placements.

In 2014, we opened our own training centre in Spain, providing expats with a convenient location to train and begin their careers with Helping Hands.

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