Plummeting temperatures and heavy rain expected across Spain from tomorrow

LAST UPDATED: 11 Oct, 2016 @ 11:09

RAIN: In Spain

SOAK up the sun while you can as Spain’s Indian summer is expected to come to an end tomorrow.

Rain is expected across much of the peninsula and temperatures are forecast to plummet.

Only the Canary Islands and small pockets of southern Spain have a chance of escaping the wet conditions.

A cold front is arriving from the Atlantic and will hit the northwest of the country today.

This will gradually bring storms moving south and east over the course of the week.

Temperatures could drop between six and 11 degrees by tomorrow.


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  1. Not nice …… but then again, its not long until the new summer either :) (& we are guaranteed to have a nice long summer, unlike ‘other’ places)

  2. This should be an article rejoicing in rain and lots of it – idiots both Spanish but especially foreign need to look up what the word desertification means and it’s implications.