Andalucia drafts bill to tackle obesity crisis as figures reveal almost 20% are severely overweight

Restaurants and bars will be required to offer healthy menus

LAST UPDATED: 5 Nov, 2016 @ 10:08

obesity-billANDALUCIA has approved a draft bill to battle its obesity crisis.

Some 18.7% of the region’s population are obese, leading the Junta to create a law that promotes healthy living and a balanced diet.

Restaurants and bars will be required to offer healthy menus while hotels will be required to offer free bottles or jugs of fresh water.

It will also guarantee free water access in schools and public places and it will be mandatory for vending machines to make chilled water available for free.

andThe draft bill, which will be debated in Parliament within six months, will also ban foods  in schools that have high calories, saturated fat, salt and sugar levels.

Initiatives will also be set up to encourage students to exchange fruit and vegetables and create school farms so they can grow their own.

If the bill becomes law, anyone who violates it will be fined.

The most severe sanctions will be placed on schools caught selling or giving unhealthy foods to their students.


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  1. When the German Green Party during the last German federal election claimed a compulsory “veggie day” per week for all Germans, the party lost 25% of its previous votes.
    The Spanish PSOE which is already on the way of descence to political insignificance, by this draft bill will dig her own grave in her stronghold Andalucia. Even strong supporters of Socialism will not tolerate governments interference into their private eating habits.

  2. Hey Chas, try having a look at Banting. Salt and fat are unfairly purported to be the precursors to heart disease etc. The real culprit is sugar. Cardiologists, those at the forefront of the issue are blaming sugar, not fat. Eat more natural fats, cut the cereals and processed carbs and you shed weight, get fitter and feel fantastic.

  3. This should not be mandated. The cause(s) of obesity is still just theories. I used to think it was the advent of computer technology (and therefore almost no physical activity) but now I think much of it might be do with the processed foods of today. Calories in and out d is not a rule though. There’s more to it. In case don’t let anyone mandate it. Make sure you get enough aerobic exercise – it’s way better to be fit and fat then unfit and slender. That’s something I think you can count on.