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New study: Frightening statistics show high obesity levels among Spanish children

Spanish children spend 294 minutes per day on screens during weekends, according to an alarming new study.  The 2022 PASOS Study on Physical Activity, Sedentarism,...

Calorie counting: The difference between the UK and Spain

As calorie counting gains momentum in the UK, Susannah Grant takes a look at how Spain is battling the bulge.

Tubby kids: Four out of ten children in Spain are overweight

By Livia Cockerell PM Pedro Sanchez has announced an eight year plan to reduce childhood obesity after studies show that 40% of children in Spain...

Is this the end for Spain’s traditional ‘Menu Del Dia’?

SPAIN'S Ministry of Health has rubbished claims that bars and restaurants will be forced to exclude alcoholic drinks from their traditional 'Menu del Dia'. The...

Spain’s obesity problem worsens during pandemic with half of population now considered overweight

AUTHORITIES in Spain have expressed alarm at Spain’s growing obesity problem as new data reveals more than half of the population is overweight. According to...

Have you put on a ‘corona stone’? Most people in Spain will be up to five kilos heavier after...

EVIDENCE is mounting that people have been losing the battle of the bulge during the coronavirus lockdown. Despite claims that those locked at home are...

Spain’s high coronavirus death toll owes to its huge obesity problem, warns doctor

A SPANISH scientist has warned that obesity could be behind Spain and Italy’s high coronavirus mortality rates. Francisco Tinahones, president of the Spanish Society for...

Spain to combat obesity by increasing taxes on junk food

The new government cabinet have made their intentions clear on the country’s fight against obesity with a proposal to increase the vat on certain, unhealthy foods

Spain’s parents SLAM school dinners as 94% say canteens ‘need improvement’ amid obesity epidemic

The findings will make tough reading for schools, as just 24% of parents said that school dinners came with information about the ingredients used

Spanish girls second most obese in Europe and boys fourth most, as Mediterranean diet in decline

A ‘decline’ in the Mediterranean diet, which includes, fish, nuts, olive oil, fruit and vegetables, has been blamed by scientists for the poor results of Spain

Andalucia the fattest region in Spain after study reveals almost 50% of Spaniards overweight

ANDALUCIA has been labelled the fattest region in Spain in a new study on obesity.  The study revealed more than 47% of Spaniards aged 18...

Pioneering laws for Andalucia restaurants as region wages war on obesity

NEW laws have come into effect this week in a bid to tackle Andalucia's growing obesity problem.  The region, with 16.6% of adults and almost...

Malaga nutritional expert blames ‘deadly’ white bread and American influences for Spain’s obesity problem

A quarter of Spaniards are obese, despite the country’s diet being touted as one of the world’s most healthy

Andalucia drafts bill to tackle obesity crisis as figures reveal almost 20% are severely overweight

Restaurants and bars will be required to offer healthy menus

Are the Spanish really as healthy as they think?

The Spanish imagine they’re the healthiest of them all thanks to their Mediterranean diet. But with over half the populace officially fat and unfit, does the looking glass lie? Iona Napier investigates

Charging your phone at night can make you fat!

Researchers have revealed that charging a mobile phone or tablet in your bedroom can make you gain weight

Obese for life

Children who are obese by the time they are eight find it harder to get slim when they are older

Maximilian Bartie ponders weighty matters

Bartie reflects on the obesity epidemic today

A fascinating body of work

Exhibition using real body parts allows the public a graphic view of how our bodies work

Love your love handles

With the holiday season just around the corner you should be proud to show off your spare tyre

Obesity: Public enemy number one

Battle against obesity goes belly up as Spanish children are third most overweight in world





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