Britain’s Brexit plans ‘potential threat’ to Spain’s economic progress

LAST UPDATED: 25 Dec, 2016 @ 17:53

BrexitTHE Bank of Spain has named Britain’s plan to exit the EU as the greatest potential threat to the country’s economic progress.

Uncertainties over economic policies worldwide, especially in the United States, combined with Brexit could have a  negative effect on the Spanish economy, according to the Bank of Spain’s latest forecasts.

In fact, economists at the Bank are forecasting two years of negative deficit reduction.

As well as Brexit, the bank is concerned about upcomming European elections, in particular in France and Germany.

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  1. There is not any threat, get off your high horse,
    What el Banco de España thinks about Brexit is this:
    “España cree que el “brexit” puede atraer la sede de algunos bancos a España”

    • Pablo, strange how you can read what the Spanish Banks have said but can’t understand what the English write up is. I think the English version would be more understanding.