Snowboarding in the Sierra Nevada

Snowboarders are well catered for on the Granada slopes, writes Chloe Glover

LAST UPDATED: 22 Dec, 2016 @ 20:58

snowpark-opcion-2LOCALS boast of its cream snow.

So it is no wonder Sierra Nevada is a Mecca for thrill-seeking snowboarders, who come in their droves to take advantage of a soft and sumptuous ride.

For beginners and experts alike, Spain’s highest resort is a glorious setting.

With its stunning scenery and top-class facilities, it is no surprise that it has won the bid to host the Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Championships in March 2017.

One of the best places to catch them in action will be at SuperPark Sulayr, Europe’s largest freestyle snowboard park.

Sitting at an altitude of 2,700 metres on Borreguiles, the famed snowboarding park houses the country’s biggest permanent half-pipe.

Measuring an astonishing 165 metres in length with a height of six metres, the special design flattens the snow on the side of the half-pipe so boarders can jump on both sides.

Rookies will also find a place to carve their niche in the resort, thanks to the gentle gradients of central station, Borreguiles.

Here, lifts deposit snowboarders on a smooth and well-groomed area where they can hone their skills.

South Star
South Star

Many professional snowboarders class Sierra Nevada as their home and a few shops specialist just in snowboarding.

These include South Star, where Jesus and his brother juggles their passion for the snow with running their own shop.

“It’s a fantastic place for snowboarders, one of the best in Spain, if not Europe,” he explains. “It has grown loads over the last few years and we are always busy.”

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  1. When I saw this article headline I thought it was about the Sierra Nevadas in California/Nevada. To my surprise it wasn’t. Personally, I’ll definitely look into visiting these Sierra Nevadas as well.