DISTRESSING IMAGES: Granada woman under investigation for allegedly feeding python live kittens and puppies

The Seprona are investigating

LAST UPDATED: 24 Mar, 2017 @ 15:58

Python which was allegedly fed kittens and puppies
Python which was allegedly fed kittens and puppies

A REPORT of a woman in Granada feeding her pet snake live kittens and puppies has sparked a police investigation.

The Loja resident allegedly posted an image of her pet python crushing a puppy to death (right), which was reported to Seprona, the animal protection unit of the Guardia Civil.

The woman posted an advert to sell the snake and a worker at an animal shelter posed as a prospective buyer, who admitted to regularly feeding the serpent live kittens, puppies and sometimes birds.

The royal python is the smallest of its species found in sub-saharan Africa which is known to crush its prey to death.


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