Cystic fibrosis campaigner’s legacy lives on in hopes to legalise new drug Orkambi in Spain

Becky Baker passed away at only 32, but her tireless campaign to help other sufferers of cystic fibrosis continues

LAST UPDATED: 29 Mar, 2017 @ 13:33

beckyTHE normally bright lights of the Costa del Sol have been dimmed with the passing of tireless cystic fibrosis campaigner Becky Baker.

Taken away from her family at only 32, her untimely death reiterates the urgent need to do more to find a cure.

From trying to pressure the Spanish government to legalise a promising new drug called Orkambi to raising money for pioneering research in Belfast, Becky was a campaigner until her last day.

Now, even though she has gone, her legacy will live on through all that have been moved by her story and want to do more themselves to help turn her dreams into realities.

We hope that our readers are among them.

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