Spanish robber unwittingly thwarts getaway after counting money in the bank

A bank robber bought the bank staff time while he calculated his takings

LAST UPDATED: 21 Apr, 2017 @ 17:34

COUNTDOWN: Robber foils getaway by checking amount before fleeing

A BANK robber foiled his own getaway after insisting on counting the money he demanded.

José Luis García Morato was recognised in the La Caixa bank in Puerto Serrano, Cadiz, following a knifepoint robbery in which he took €500.

Instead of fleeing the scene quickly, the masked bandit began to count his haul at the cash desk, giving witnesses good time to clock his measurements and ring the police.

He also revealed his voice after telling the cashier he needed the money to pay his drug dealer following a party the night before.

The Guardia Civil arrested Garcia soon after in a local neighbourhood, who was already wanted on an arrest warrant for not serving other offences.


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