PP slams Mallorca council president Miquel Ensenyat’s ‘ineffectiveness’ in office

Mauricio Rovira highlights unfinished Soller tunnel and Llucmajor to Campos road

LAST UPDATED: 20 May, 2017 @ 12:57

THE PP has attacked Mallorca council leader Miquel Ensenyat’s record in office, claiming he has ‘done nothing’.

During a stormy two-hour chamber debate, PP speaker Mauricio Rovira slammed president Ensenyat.

'INEFFECTIVE': PP speaker slams president Ensenyat
‘INEFFECTIVE’: PP speaker slams president Ensenyat

His attack came after the president’s speech to the council on Wednesday.

“They have done little, and done it badly. All they talk about is future projects  The conclusion after two years is they have done nothing,” said Rovira.

“Everything he has spoken about planning to do he said last year.”

Rovira added: “Ensenyat has made a cynical speech, proposing a consensus he doesn’t believe in. We do not believe his new offer of dialogue.”

Rovira highlighted the unfinished Soller tunnel – due to open in September, 2017 – and Llucmajor to Campos road as examples of Ensenyat’s ‘ineffectiveness’.

“His speech shows the ineffectiveness of a government which is a slave to its coalition partners.

“It is an unforgivable speech after two years in office,” he continued.


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