WATCH: TERRIFYING moment brave Spanish woman attacks GUNMAN with handbag in Andalucia store

LAST UPDATED: 12 Oct, 2017 @ 14:23

A SPANISH woman has defended a store and its customers from a gunman in Sevilla.

The unbelievable 1.5 minute clip shows a man in red enter the store donning a helmet and mask.

He pulls out a gun and instructs the store clerk to put money into a white plastic bag.


But before he knows it, a local woman enters the door and instinctively hits him with her handbag before valiantly grabbing the gun.

A nearby pensioner also joins in and a dramatic minute-long tussle for the weapon ensues.

Amazingly they are able to get the gun off the robber as others eventually come to their aid from outside the shop.

The 45-year-old attacker was brought to justice after his arrest, it has been reported.

The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon in a drugstore in Juan XXIII neighbourhood of Sevilla.



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