Thursday, 14 December, 2017

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The Los Merinos project, struck down by Spanish courts in March, shows signs of revival

For 20 years the Los Merinos saga has rumbled on

In a victory for common sense, Ronda’s ill-conceived Los Merinos double golf course macro-project has been finally scrapped

Ronda’s Los Merinos golf macroproject has been scrapped by the Supreme Court after almost a decade of legal warfare

Eight years and 200 issues ago the very first Olive Press hit the streets

Son of disgraced Catalan leader Jordi Pujol ‘made millions’ from controversial Ronda golf project

Eight years of legal wrangling and the planned development might still come to pass

Over 1000 documents released on alleged corruption in Ronda

Ecologistas en Accion has highlighted a long list of urban projects that have been ‘plagued by irregularities’

Ronda mayor Antonio Marin Lara not guilty of corruption

A new book proves the Los Merinos project was set up illegally with Swiss financier Werner Rey at the helm

Monthly demonstrations to demand the opening of closed public footpaths are planned

Company that tried to build a hotel on natural park land now faces 2.4 million euro fine

Ronda mayor used employment funds to demolish 'protected' building

EXCLUSIVE: Two years ago the Olive Press revealed how developers had transplanted thousands of ancient oaks to make way for a golf course. Today it is clear what they only good for, by Jon Clarke and Andrew Pearce

Bosses lose law suit against green, campaigning magazine

Ronda mayor compares Los Merinos golf accusations to Second World War bomb




SAMPLES from 20 Soller water wells are being tested for suspected contaminants from a local laundromat. A stream passing through Biniali was tested 18 months...
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