THE population of one Granada village is set to explode after the ruling socialist PSOE party agreed a controversial change to the PGOU town expansion plan.

If the revision is green lighted by the Junta de Andalucía regional government, the population of Salar will grow 600 per cent with the construction of a 3,800 home housing development on olive groves, 12 kilometres from the town.

However, the town’s main Izquierda Union (IU) opposition group has slammed the decision that may see the town’s 2,700 population swell to more than 13,000. IU spokesman Julio Bernardo claims the construction group that conducted the feasibility study in the change also owns the 870, 000 square metres of land where the development will be built.

IU spokesman Julio Bernardo said: “The public prosecutor’s office has to intervene. However, if I am being sincere I have to say I have no faith in them.”

Town mayor Ana Conde Trescastro denied the claims. “We will act strictly inside the law,” she said before adding the Junta de Andalucía has yet to pass the revision.

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