10 Feb, 2009 @ 10:16
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Teacher sacked for ‘living in sin’ wins appeal


THE Supreme Court has ruled in favour of a religious studies teacher who was fired from a Church-run school for living with a man to whom she was not married.

Judges in Tenerife ruled that Church officials were wrong to dismiss María del Carmen Galayo from her post in 2000 for living under the same roof as her partner.

“After crossing the desert of Jesus Christ, justice has been done,” she said after hearing the verdict. Señora Galayo added that she speaks for 17,000 teachers “whose lives, bodies and souls are decided on by the Church.”

As reported in the Olive Press (EU fury at Spain…, issue 19), the Church plays an active role in the employment – and dismissal – of religious education teachers in public and private schools, even though Spain is a secular country.

In recent years, RE teachers have been sacked for marrying a divorced person and going out for drinks with friends.

Señora Galayo said she plans to return to work and seek compensation for the nine years she was barred from teaching.


  1. Sadly this illustrates just how much control the evil Roman mafia still have in this country and it’s all consuming hypocracy.

    Why don’t they sack all their paedaphile priests – now that would really be something but don’t hold your breath waiting.

  2. Church numbers are down I hear. Good! Religion has not done the world one ounce of good. All it has brought is misery, death, isolation and misery. Personally, I pray to the Sun God each morning – something real and tangible to give thanks to. The only religion the world needs is common sense.

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