16 Mar, 2009 @ 10:16
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One man and his pig


Vietnamese Pot Bellied PigSO concerned were Sid and Pauline Olivera about the welfare of their snuffling neighbour, they have adopted him.

It being the season of the matanza (or pig slaughter), the couple in El Gastor, near Ronda, decided he needed a new home.

But, as it turns out though, Chino (from cochinillo) is anything but a porker waiting for the chop.

Raised in an apartment in Estepona, he is actually rather a domesticated fellow.

“His previous owner was a soldier, who brought him up as a pet,” explained Sid Olivera, 51, a broadcaster, who works for US media network ABC.

“We fell in love with him on our Sunday morning walks from our house in the hills.

“He was always very affectionate and came over to say hello,” continued Olivera, who produces an internet radio talent show.

“We soon discovered he liked bananas, bread and apple, which we had originally taken to feed some donkeys.”

The eight-month-old Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig had soon become their friend.

The breed make for excellent pets, as actor George Clooney discovered. He has one as a pet.

“He is a real sweetheart and we couldn’t bear the idea that he might be in for the chop so we approached his owner to see if we could adopt him,” said Olivera.

“As he is not often around to visit, he said he was more than happy, in return for us buying him a couple of turkeys.”

He continued: “We have since discovered there is a female in the next valley.”

So he really will be a pig in clover then.

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