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No Enigma!

michael cretu ibiza
Michael Cretu's home in Ibiza

Multi-millionaire musician’s mansion torn down for failing to get licence

HE became a multi-millionaire as the mastermind behind 1990s pop act Enigma.

But, it can come as no enigma that musician Michael Cretu’s 18 million euro mansion was knocked down in Ibiza this week.

His 3000 square metre house, which was built after flattening the top of a hillside, did not have a licence.

Michael Cretu's home in Ibiza
Michael Cretu

After a 14-year legal battle the authorities have finally begun to tear it down.

The palatial home in the virgin area of Corona, near San Antonio, had its own recording studio.

The Romanian musician, who has produced albums for, among others, Mike Oldfield and worked with Milly Vanilli and Boney M – had valued the house at 18 million euros. His single Sadeness by Enigma reached Number One in 20 countries.


  1. No license, but the rubble will look worse than the original property. They should have legalised it and the owner should have paid a few million – knocking it down is stupid.

  2. Have the authorities lost their minds? Or is it part of a modern day ‘Reconquista’ to purge foreign devils from Spain? It took a few centuries to oust the Moors, but this strategy of senseless destruction could have a speedier result.

  3. No Liam, it would not have been ok. This guy could not have just started building such a vast place on a whim. There must have been some legal/planning process here. This is the difference between the UK and Spain – in the UK this project would have never got off the ground, but in Spain the opposite as true – I smell a fish. 14 years!?

    Anyway, what is better to look at – a beautiful property or a pile of rubble? Will they re-landscape and replant the area? NO! Rubble it will stay I bet. It will relly enhance the area…

  4. Fred,
    There was a 14 year legal battle, which he lost, at the atart of which he should have foreseen the final result. It takes a legal decision to allow the authorities to pull him down, it is his problem if he faught a legal which delayedthe ultimate end until now.
    He should now face a bill to restore the landscape he so arogantly vandalised.


  5. The authorities should not have let him start or continue building, simple really. They could not have given a shit about the “vandalism” to the area. Who is worse? Neither – both of them, but more so on the authorities whose job it was to protect their countryside. Spain protecting countryside? Hmm…. UNESCO biospheres…. Hmmmm.

  6. Fred,
    I repeat the point, building can not be stopped that easily,
    in Spain, as in UK or most other countries. They get a “stop building” order, an appeal is immediatly lodged and meanwhile buiding continues. This order and appeal game can easily go on for 14 years if the builder has the money to finance it, but the end result is inevitable.
    In Taunton (UK) a house is about to be demolished in similar circumstances after a 32 year battle! (Do you smell a fish?)
    Stockport Council are about uo demolish a 350,000€ house, Welsh Crewton about to demolish a 750,000€ house (More fish?)
    A house in Maidstone is about to be demolished after the owners took it all the way to THe House of Lords. And lots more…

  7. >building can not be stopped that easily,

    It can when the Guardia arrive and confiscate all machinery and tools and tell the people they will be arrested if seen again. If the police on the island did not act, then the island cannot care that much about what goes on. It’s only a small island!

    Those three cases you mention are like a drop in the ocean compared to Spain btw.

    I am not agreeing with the building of illegal mansions in the countryside, but my point is that the Spanish (read: authorities) are just bone idle when it comes to protecting their flora and fauna.

  8. “The spokesman for GEN, Neus Prats, hopes that this will put an end to the rich and famous coming to the islands believing they can build what they want, where they want”

    I hope he gets his wish, then Ibiza will turn to crap and lose billions in the housing market.

    “He confirmed that Cretu is now seeking damages of €18 million”

    The problem is that it is the towns fault for allowing it and I doubt that they can afford 18 million euros. Although I hope he gets some compensation for the town allowing the start of his mansion even though it was 14 years oga.

  9. I do know MC and can tell you from what I heard that he bribed the authorities to get planning permission. It serves him damn right that the building got knocked down. I’m all for it that MC and the authorities & mayor get prosecuted. No way would I pay him damages. I would give him prison time for bribing (if that’s what he did)
    I would start by prosecuting the mayor and letting him pay for the cost of demolition. Soon enough he will admt that MC bribed him to get permission.
    Some people think money and success gives them the right to be above the law.
    The are he built in is protected land. Why should he be allowed to get away with it and pay to make it legal? It doesn’t sound right to me.

  10. I agree with Angela Clarences comment, govt’s around the world are sickening…they shouldn’t be allowed to put some out of their home and rip it apart!

  11. Demolishing it is, imho, a travesty. The authorities should have acted earlier to stop the construction. Now that it is built, what they should really do is sell it as a hotel and deduct Mr Cretu’s fines and their costs from the proceeds. What’s left should be his.

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