5 Jun, 2009 @ 11:41
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Speed heist gang arrested


A GANG that specialised in robbing moving trucks, has been rounded up in Madrid.

The daredevil highwaymen whose heists combined precision driving with death-defying acrobatics, have pulled off more than 50 thefts around Spain.

Making an estimated two million euros, they often targeted lorries at night.

The gang used a car to overtake and then pull in front of a lorry, forcing it to slow down. Other gang members in pursuing pick-up trucks would then draw up behind the lorry. A daring robber would walk down the bonnet of the pick-up and leap from it and on to the back of the moving truck.

Using a rope or a suction cup to hang on, the thief used either a battery-powered grinder or a crowbar to pry open the truck’s rear doors.

Then other members of the gang clambered across the bonnet and jumped into the back of the lorry.

They then passed back the loot, which was often computers, mobile phones, brand-name clothes, sunglasses or perfumes.

The gang was made up of 20 Romanians and three Spaniards.

Police believe that they can link the gang to attacks in Cordoba and Granada. The drivers of the lorries were usually unaware that the vehicle was being robbed.

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  1. Somebody watches too many movies and took notes.
    Was it “The Fast and the Furious” in 2001 or was it “Fast & Furious” in 2009? They may not be exact, but it looks like they were “inspired” by the films. I am glad they were caught.

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