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Amy mum’s agony

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AMY’S mother Audrey has confirmed that her daughter was not enrolled for any school in the term leading up to her disappearance. But instead she worked at home. “I tried to register her with another school, but it was full until March. Instead she would stay in the house, where she would do her homework.”

Audrey Fitzpatrick and Dave Mahon
Audrey Fitzpatrick and Dave Mahon
She also confirmed that she had missed school. in part. because she was bullied due to her Irish parentage. But it was “not a contributory factor to her going missing. Hundreds of kids don’t go to school and they are still around.”

She confirmed that Amy wanted to go back to Ireland and flights had been booked to go back on Boxing Day, but Amy “chose not to go back”.

Audrey said: “We said she wanted to go back from day one. I wanted her to have a better life, but where was she going to live? Was she going to live on the streets? She could not live with her father.” She refused to elaborate further.

Her partner, Mahon, put it down to being a teenager, and “thinking the grass is greener on the other side”. “She decided to go back in February instead of Boxing Day. She bought a ticket for the end of January. Then she was coming back here in February for a party.”


Audrey confirmed she would spend days and, on one occasion, “two weeks” away.

“But never for three weeks. I wanted my child with me. Sure, she would stay with Kim a lot, but I spoke to her every day. She would always ask to stay another night.”

Mahon meanwhile denied she was malnourished. “Amy was very healthy. She ate four or five times a day, but small portions. Malnourished? It is only the mothers of fat English kids who say things like that.”

He continued: “She did not do drugs or drink. She drank once and she had a panic attack so she didn´t drink again.

“As for going out late, put it this way, on New Year´s Eve Amy stayed in babysitting. She didn’t want to go out.”

He concluded: “There are two sides to every story. It makes me very angry that people are making these claims.

“I don´t think Amy was lonely or sad.”

He also heavily criticised Amy´s father for his new appeal and slammed detective Brady, insisting he had not even been down to Spain to investigate. “Her father Christopher did not give a monkey´s about finding Amy,” he said.

“We are continuing to spend tens of thousands with our own detectives Metodo 3 in a bid to come up with new clues. That is all that matters.”

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  1. alright……not to sound callous, but where was the monther (or father) whilst Amy was wondering the streets, not going to school, sleeping in parks and other places??? it seems that Amy (still a child) was completely on her own………with absolutely no supervision.

    am i missing something here?

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