British lesbians heading to Spain are not just coming for the sangria

BRITISH lesbians are coming to Spain for a spot of sun, sea and sexual insemination as they take advantage of more liberal laws and joint package tours.

A fertility clinic and a gay and lesbian travel agency have teamed up to cater for the growing trend of lesbians flocking to Spanish clinics.

After the law was changed in 2005, British sperm donors have lost the right to remain anonymous – causing lesbian couples to head to sunnier climes.

“They need to be here for several days, so we thought it would be a good idea to approach the new gay and lesbian travel organisation in Alicante,” said Dr Rafael Bernabeu, founder of the Instituto Bernabeu clinic in Alicante, eastern Spain.

Bernabeu added that his clinic now see 30 British women a month – many of whom are gay.

Working in tandem with the clinic is a travel agency that provides future mums and couples with the chance to enjoy a relaxing holiday between their appointments.

“Two women travelling to Spain so that they can have a baby are doing something that is very special to them,” said Maria Jose Rico, of Rainbow Travel.

“We want to make the experience as pleasurable as possible. The treatment does not require you to rest a lot, so we want to offer people things to do and places to stay that will make it a real holiday as well,” she said.


No stone has been left unturned with hotels with views over the Mediterranean, evening outings in yachts and massages to help with pre-treatment nerves all on offer for those for who sign up.

Incredibly, Rainbow also offers to help lesbian couples who want to marry in Spain. “First of all we help them bear a child and then we can help them marry – as long as they meet the legal requirements,”said Maria. “That makes them feel psychologically more like a family.”

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