A SERIES of supertowns are being planned for the Guadalhorce Valley.

The four towns – totalling 9000 houses – are to be built in Coin, Cartama and Alora.

The majority of the homes will be subsidised homes (VPO) for people on low incomes.

According to the new POT plan for Malaga province the houses will be built at a density of between 30 and 40 houses a hectare.

The largest urbanisation will be in the Miralmonte-Sierra Gorda area near Coin, where some 3,600 houses will be built.

Another 2000 homes are planned for Estacion de Cartama, while 2,700 are planned for Nueva Aljaima, near Cartama.

The smallest will be on the outskirts of Alora, with 600 homes.

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  1. Why not fill the hundreds of thousands of empty homes first?
    Use the manpower and materials to once and for all bring the infrastructure up to a reasonable level.

    Then look and see what is needed with a decent infrastructure in place rather than pile more onto an already creaking system

  2. Blimey – they got off cheap. We are looking forward to 35,000 homes in an unpopulated piece of scrub between Mojacar, Los Gallardos and Vera in Eastern Almería. Plus fifty hotels (a few kilometres inland from the sea, by the way). Good news for those of us who left the hurly burley of the big cities to live the quiet country life instead. This large artificial conurbation, apparently, to justify building an AVE high-speed train station in Vera with the expectation that someone might want to get either off it or on it. No one knows who is going to live there – perhaps Koreans since the Govt is busy trying to court them with their latest recipe for tourist recuperation.
    Still, we shall be able to wiiiizzzzzzz into Madrid once it’s all done.

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