HAVING become rather partial to the food at Cantueso hotel and restaurant in Periana, Ginge was anything but pleased when he was rehoused on the coast in Caleta.

After living the life of Riley for years befriending the guests and living off the generous scraps they offered, he had got rather overweight.

So eventually the hotel found him a new home in La Caleta, near Torre del Mar, some 35 kilometres away.

“But within just 24 hours he had made it back,” explained owner Nicky Scott. “Motorways, lakes and rivers can be easily taken in his stride.”

She continued: “He is so friendly and was so popular with our guests that he was becoming overweight.

“He will make a loving companion although precautions will have to be made in the first instance, because he is reluctant to leave.”

She added that he had been “sorted out” by the vet.

If anyone can help please call Nicky on 699 946 213.

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  1. Yes I have to agree, altho cats can sometimes travel large distances it is seriously doubtful that it could travel 35km in a single day. Also it is common knowledge to keep a pet indoors for a while if it is in new syurroundings. Im not sure who is worse, the hotel or the so called new owners.

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