JUNTA officials agreed to an ‘express demolition’ directive just one day before the high-profile Malaga march against demolitions, it has emerged.

Called the Urban Discipline Ruling, the policy will allow town halls to “begin and end” demolition procedures during the space of just one month.

The objective is to slash the time taken for councillors to confirm the toppling of illegal builds.

The illegal homes of Russian developer Vladimir Beniachvili – which he has accumulated over a 12-year period near Malaga – have been cited as prime examples.

Further illegal builds in Marbella, Estepona, Cartama and the Axarquia region are also under the spotlight.

Junta councillor for Housing and Planning, Juan Espadas, said: “The law is designed to make the rules of the game clearer by providing a number of guarantees.”

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  1. So the Junta are to give town halls the power to “begin and end the demolition process within a month” of so-called illegal builds that the corrupt town hall councillors themselves have allowed, helped by bribes and backhanders? No doubt it will now be “open house” for another round of bribes for the demolition contracts from these very same councillors.
    Victims will be made homeless, many forced to return to their own country penniless. This amounts to criminal theft by the Junta and their compliant crooks in the town halls.

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