It’s nice to know that celebrities look forward to holidays just like the rest of us.

After clinching his second Wimbledon title against Czech Thomas Berdych, Rafael Nadal is excited for his summer holidays in Mallorca.

The world’s top-ranked tennis star will spend all of August relaxing on the island that is both his home and his ideal holiday escape.

Nadal spoke to the BBC after somersaulting across the grass court in celebration of his victory, and listed his top priorities as “beach, fishing, golf, friends, party and Mallorca.”

“I have a completely normal life there…I go to the supermarket, I go to a party…I am happy to pose for the odd photo but generally I just relax,” said Nadal.

Nadal will certainly be doing many of these completely normal activities with his childhood sweetheart Xisca, who was at the match Sunday supporting her boyfriend.

Read more here from the Olive Press about Xisca, the local Mallorca ‘beauty’ who is essential to keeping the ‘beast’ of Nadal grounded.

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