8 Jul, 2010 @ 16:43
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Teenager gored to death at running of the bulls

A 19-year-old from Madrid died instantly after being gored by a bull’s horn in the small Zamora province town of Fuentesauco on Saturday.

The teenager, Ivan Tejero Morales, was participating in a running of the bulls that the town had scheduled for 3 am while it was still dark.

Doctors tried to save Morales at the scene but could not revive him.

The town canceled all remaining festival events that day, but they resumed as usual from Sunday until the festival’s conclusion on Tuesday.

News of Morales’ death came just as thousands were gearing up for the famed San Fermin festival in Pamplona, which began its nine days of running of the bulls events on Tuesday.

Last year saw the first goring death in Pamplona in 15 years; so far this year there have only been injuries.

Among them is a 45-year-old Irishman who was taken to the hospital this morning after being gored by a bull. Doctors say his injuries are not serious.

Jon Clarke (Publisher & Editor)

Jon Clarke is a Londoner who worked at the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday as an investigative journalist before moving permanently to Spain in 2003 where he helped set up the Olive Press. He is the author of three books; Costa Killer, Dining Secrets of Andalucia and My Search for Madeleine.

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  1. Well at the risk of sounding very pedantic, its a choice that is made in full knowledge of the risks. But when deciding to undertake such a risky sport risking death, do they think about their family ?. Yes I suppose very pedantic thought ! We humans always want to take risks.

  2. there could not be enough of these crazy people being gored either to death or being critically injured,this is an absolute disgrace the way animals are treated.there is no sense to the ill treatment of these poor beasts.we are supposed to be a civilised society and to claim it is for festival (religious reasons)beggers belief.among those hurt this year is a fellow irish man,but i have no sympathy for him,let this be a lesson he does not forget.

  3. Agreed Martha from another Irish person. There’s something profoundly depressing about the whole thing. Torturing animals to death for an adrenaline rush is very selfish indeed.

  4. I don’t think the dead boy thought about his family drunkenly running for the bulls. Nor can he learn any more now Death has stopped him.
    Anybody eating meat is co-responsible for the horrors in modern agriculture. The fighting bull, contrary to his domesticated brothers, does not suffer a whole life locked up or butchered in a factory. He mistakenly thinks he has a fighting chance and uses it. The cow smells death coming.

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