FRYING water may sound impossible.

But it is the title of a fascinating new exhibition focusing on the work of three chefs, Elena Arzak, Xabier Gutiérrez and Igor Zalakain.

From the world renowned three Michelin starred Basque restaurant Arzak in San Sebastien the trio are credited for their culinary masterpieces.

Now, this exhibition combining food and art, gives the public a chance to see their creative process.

It reveals how they carry out their culinary research with the unique multimedia installation by Marta Arzak being divided into seven sections.

There are: recipes, the spice room, preparation in a flash (a speeded-up projection of the different stages of preparation), getting the “crack” (an audio recording of some of the usual sounds in the laboratory), culinary terms, smashing dishes (showing different ways of presenting food) and a dead end, (real images of tests, both successful and unsuccessful).

Chef Elena Arzak said: “There is a creativity that develops in the kitchen comparable to other artistic activities.”

The exhibition at the Fundacion Pilar I Joan Miro in Mallorca runs until January 9, 2011.

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