I TAKE off my hat (and other items of clothing) to the ladies of Villanueva de la Concepcion, who have produced a calendar that ‘bares all’, with sale proceeds going towards their village feria.

In January 2005, I started a support group for menopausal women in Johannesburg, South Africa. I decided to call it The Calendar Girls’ Club; I felt the name was appropriate because most of the potential members would be the same age as the women in that great movie. At the first meeting, there were eight attendees; now, nearly six years’ later, there are more than 40.

In 2008, I oversaw the production of our calendar, with the theme that ‘women of a certain age’ still know how to look after themselves, and are a lot fitter and more image-conscious than our mothers ever were.

The next project that I wanted to do with my Calendar Girls was a cookbook … “The Naked Cooks” (or a similar title). But there’s no time; by April 1, 2011, I will be living permanently in the village of Montejaque.

So, ladies of Villanueva de la Concepcion, and ladies of Montejaque…

Find your favourite recipe(s) and get ready to get your kit off! Calliope is coming to town.


About Carolyn Emmett

Am an inveterate traveller. Born in the UK and spent teen years in Stratford-upon-Avon. Emigrated to Canada in 1976. Married 33 years, with three children and two grandchildren. Have lived in Jakarta, Indonesia (1997-2001), Botswana (2001-2003) and Johannesburg, South Africa (2003-2010). I'm a perfectionist, very organised, typical Aries; as Purple Ronnie would say: I would be good at being Queen of the World because: I love bossing everyone around and telling them what to do; I am great at making clever plans; I am great fun to be with 'cos I love action and adventure, and I always think up crazy ideas.

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