5 Dec, 2010 @ 19:50
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Christmas in Spain


CHRISTMAS is a world phenomenon, not limited to one country or region, and if you celebrate Christmas, then you will put up a wreath or a tree or at the very least a string or two of Christmas lights.

I knew living in a Catholic country would mean a more societal religious presence, but I wasn’t prepared for the giant crèche in front of the city’s government building.

Advent is my favorite season of the year.

I love Christmas carols, snow, the decorations and the baking.

Back home, there are always a few families who put up gargantuan plywood manger scenes, complete with animals and wise men and hay from friends with farms.

Here in Spain I’ve noticed a growing cinder block and mortar creation growing in the main plaza. It started simply enough, but when asking my Spanish friends they told me it’s a yearly tradition.

Each year they build a semi-permanent structure celebrating the birth of Christ. After Epiphany, every year, they take it down.

Just like the street lights shaped like bells and wreaths hung between buildings, like the banners with pictures of the baby Jesus and everything else the city provides to make it feel “Christmas”-y.

I suppose that’s the way it is, no matter how sturdy the structure, you can only celebrate Christmas for so long.

As we say in the States, “Go big or go home!”

And then, I guess, move on to the next holiday.


Originally from the United States, I came to Spain to improve my Spanish, fully immerse myself in a new culture and add some different experiences - blogging - to my journalism background.


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