A SERIES of arrests have been made after fights broke out over the new smoking ban.

Police have reported a number of incidents around Andalucia including a stabbing in Albolote in Granada and an assault on two officers in Vélez Málaga.

The clash in Albolote came after a waitress repeatedly asked a man to put out his cigarette.

Three customers stepped in to help her and a fight broke out that left one of them with an injured hand and the other needing stitches in his thigh.

While in Vélez Málaga, police officers asked a group in a bar to stop smoking or go outside to finish their cigarettes.

When one of the group refused, the officers attempted to arrest him but his two friends stepped in and started a punch-up that led to all three being arrested.


  1. Interfering with how people relax and enjoy themselves is seeking to control every aspect of their lives and it’s done to show it can be done. Telling them they can’t feel free to enjoy something others may disapprove of is neither reasonalbe nor healthy and certainly not common sense. If your life isn’t sufficiently dreary(and I suspect it is), I invite you to visit a university campus in the US. These used to be joyous places, flowing with alcohol and perfumed with the scent of cannabis. In the 1980s, the powers that be decided to “crack down”–a phrase they just love–and it’s now to the point where public social life on campus is a pathetic and infantilized ghost of its former self. The real partying goes on–and with much greater abandon–behind closed doors and in secret. I don’t see how making everyone hide is healthier or common sense, do you?

    I read the other day that Europe is now incubating its own antialcohol crusade and maybe someday soon similar restrictiosn will be placed on booze–but you’ll still be able to drink at home. And all the arguments you’re using, e.g. “healthy”, “common sense”, etc. will be there to bit you on the tush.

    I want a police force to deal with the really dangerous, not enforcing spiteful, small-minded attempts at social engineering.

    Are you still basing your statements about smoking in Spain on propaganda from antismoking groups? What does SEPAR have to say? And didn’t you say before that smoking is just so frightfully addictive that thsoe who quit will soon be back? It’s summer–get out your flip-flops.

  2. That’s your definition of how people relax and enjoy themselves, Chris. You must appreciate that smoking around non-smokers will not help them relax or enjoy themselves. Your consistent failure to appreciate the effects of your habit on others is why you keep losing the argument.

    Life is great thanks, off to the fire celebrations for San Juan now. No problems with the smoking ban here in Spain, your protests are meaningless here my flip-floppy friend. What you do behind closed doors is none of my business if they are not shared by the public.

  3. “You must appreciate that drinking around non-drinkers will not help them relax and enjoy themselves.” Will it, Fred?

    So bonfires and fireworks are OK, but not tobacco smoke?????? Seems there’s more going on with you than simple dislike of smoke or its smells. Perhaps what you really dislike is the actual people who smoke. Could it be they invoke certain class or ethnic hostilities within you, Fred? Maybe call up some traumatic suppressed part of your past?

    I see you still claim that all nonsmokers find smoke troublesome. Not the case, for the millionth time, or nonsmoking pubs would have come into being long ago. And are you saying that anything a vocal segment of the populace finds objectionable should be banned from the public sphere? That won’t leave us with much going on there, will it? And everyone will just stay behind their own closed doors because the whingings of various groups have made it so no one is able to enjoy themselves in public.

  4. “…smoking is well down in Spain.” Again, on what do you base that statement? I don’t imagine you’re out there monitoring the entire country 24/7, are you? So your info comes from somewhere. Where, pray tell, might that be? By your own statement the newly-quit won’t stay quit for long because smoking is so satanically addictive. And don’t forget that there still has to be enough smoking so that in a year or so the Antis can yammer for increased restrictions.
    I hear there’s quite a bit of anger in Spain these days. could the entire country be having a nicotine fit?

    Here in the US we had a system in restaurants that was very satisfactory for many years: larger places had both smoking and nonsmoking areas, often separate rooms. Smaller places made their own decisions and were either totally nonsmoking (the majority) or totally smoking. No one had any problem with this–the majority of resaturant seats were nonsmoking, but the professional Antis found it just a bit too tolerant and started campaigning against it.

  5. Hi flip-flop. Still yammering away I see. No problems here in Spain, smoking is well down and taxes have just gone up massively here on cigarettes, which will hopefully push down the level further. Getting on with life, not arguing about lost causes.

  6. Fred, thought you said you didn’t care how much smoking there was as long as it wasn’t around your delicate little self. You seem to project your own tendency to flip-flop onto others, just as you project your hostility.

    I heard that some of the great minds running the UK these days have proposed graphic warnings for alcohol containers. To “help” you, of course.

    If you were truly “getting on with life” and “not arguing about lost causes”, you would’t keep responding, would you?

  7. Chrissy, I don’t make the laws, so don’t blame me. Your enjoyment of smoking comes at the displeasure of other people who do not. If you have a life, why keep posting your frustrations here? I don’t make the law. Move elsewhere.

  8. You don’t make the laws but you do cheer them on when they butress your prejudices. As stated before, you’re better than the politicians in at least you respond. BTW, I’d like to see what your reaction would be if they “legally” rescinded the entire stupid ban. You and others like you would scream bloody murder.

    Lots of things that provide enjoyment come at the displeasure of someone. Name me one enjoyable thing in life that doesn’t have its detractors and prune-faced, puritanical enemies. But without these things, life would be dull. So restrictions have to be fair and make sense. That’s all.

    Part of life is expressing one’s views and engaging with others. Shall I infer that you don’t have a life because you continue to post here?

  9. Fred – “No problems here in Spain, smoking is well down and taxes have just gone up massively here on cigarettes, which will hopefully push down the level further.”

    Taxes up – illegal smuggling of cigarettes up. Increased importation of unsafe (less safe, to be accurate) cigarettes. Criminal smuggling groups profiting. New revenues to expand into other criminal ventures. Low-quality cigarettes being bought for half-price on the black market. Increasingly dangerous chemicals found in contraband cigarettes. People spending less money on food for themselves, families and children so they can buy a pack of smokes (nicotine is quite a drug). Decreased liberty of the population at large.

    Good work.

    I wonder when we will start hearing about more violent crimes related to cigarette smuggling. It’s happened with every single other product – ever – that the government has attempted to restrict or ban.

    Unfortunately we don’t learn from history well.

    Fred – “Chrissy, I don’t make the laws, so don’t blame me.”

    None of us make the laws, in actuality. We don’t have a direct democracy. Political parties make laws. They are heavily influenced by special interest groups which have the financial sway to influence political decision. It’s simple lobbying. Many lobbyists even pen the actual laws before passing them on as “suggestions.” We just get to decide who the charismatic faces are we see on TV.

    In the following statement I am going to us an expression to describe you, Fred – it isn’t an insult. It’s not a comment on your intelligence. The expression is “useful idiot;”

    “A term used to describe people who support political issues they do not understand.”

  10. Fred – “I rather like the term “agent of influence” to describe you, Reality. Are you a paid astroturfer?”

    No, but if someone wants to pay me to write comments on articles I’ll do it. Looks like I’m already writing the things anyway.

    But I don’t understand; for whom would I be “astroturfing?” What agenda? The pro-smoking lobby? Juan “Robin Hood” Gordillo? PP? PSOE? The Spainish state as a whole? Gibraltar? The Funky Buddha? The Looky-Looky men?

    If you read through all of my comments (and you have, since you’ve addressed me in some way on almost all of them) you’ll see that my positions don’t exactly fall into the interests of one specific group. They do, however, advocate basic principles like less state legislation, personal liberty, economic freedom and social tolerance. Unfortunately I don’t think there are any groups that would actually pay me to spread the positions that I hold.

    If I’m wrong point me in their direction. We can all use some extra money.

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