THE self-confessed killer of Sevilla teenager Marta del Castillo tried to end his life after implicating his friend ‘El Cuco’ in her death.

A prison psychologist has ruled that Miguel Carcaño’s effort to hang himself in 2009 was a genuine suicide attempt.

She told the court he had been ‘emotionally upset’ after confessing to Javier G.M.’s involvement in Marta’s rape and murder.

As the trial continues it has also emerged that the juvenile, 17, accused of helping to dispose of the body, has no alibi for 90 minutes on the night of the murder.

One of the witnesses called to collaborate his alibi declared he had never been at the places claimed by the defendant.

And Marta’s father, Antonio del Castillo has said he is confident the police will find the evidence to place El Cuco at the scene of the crime.

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