19 Feb, 2011 @ 10:06
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Granada cash machine won’t cough up

WHEN a cashpoint failed to dispense 250 euros to a pair of holidaymakers in Granada, they expected to get it refunded immediately.

But six months since the transaction at Banesto bank in Orgiva, and they are still waiting for its return.

“It is a complete disgrace,” Rosie Marrs, 49, from Manchester told the Olive Press. “The bank have constantly told me they are going to return the money, but it just never arrives.”

Marrs, who was on holiday with her husband Bill for two weeks last June, insists she has made dozens of phone calls and sent countless emails to the branch.

“They keep telling me they are going to send the money but nothing appears,” she said.

The marketing manager had attempted to withdraw the money from the bank’s ATM on June 12. But the machine got jammed and all she was left with was a transaction slip.

“The bank was closed so I slipped a note and slipped it under the door explaining what had happened,” she explained.

The next day she went in person to the branch and was assured that the cashpoint had been faulty and the money would be refunded as soon as possible.

However by the time the couple got home the money was still outstanding.

“The bank kept telling me it would take 15 days but still nothing came through.

“Finally they told me I had to go to the bank in person to collect the money!”

Eventually, Banesto agreed to transfer the money to a friend’s Spanish account by January 17.

“But that deadline has now gone and I am wondering if the bank could be close to bankrupcy,” she said.

A spokesman for the branch told the Olive Press: “There is a period of 30 to 45 days in which we can refund the money but as they were in England and the timeframe elapsed, we have been unable to do it. We have been in contact via email and we are now waiting for her bank to confirm the transfer.”


  1. Yup. 3 or so years ago a Banesto ATM failed to deliver me €500. The staff inside the bank were happy to show me that they know that the transaction had failed because there was an error code associated with the transaction. However it was about 6 months and perhaps as many as 15 more visits to the bank before they re-credited my account.

    Lesson. Avoid Banesto.


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