16 Mar, 2011 @ 08:00
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Spain complains about Gibraltar landfill plans

THE EU is set to investigate Gibraltar’s plans to expand into the sea.

In a further rift between the two neighbouring countries, the investigation follows a complaint from the town hall in Spanish border town La Linea.

Last October, the town’s Mayor, Alejandro Sánchez, and Andalucía PP president Javier Arenas presented their complaint in Brussels.

In a 100-page document they claimed La Línea is suffering ‘verifiable damage to its beaches because of the proximity of the landfills’.

Now the President of the EU Petitions Committee, Erminia Mazzoni, has confirmed a preliminary investigation into the landfill expansion will go ahead.


  1. Gibraltar should complain about the landfill in La Linea itself – the new port there – not the mention the acres and acres of landfill in the Campamento and opposite in Algeciras harbour which almost take up half the bay!

  2. The difference between what La Línea does and what Gibraltar authorities do is that of Urban Planning and usurpation. No need to tell that the usurpation part corresponds to the gibraltarians. The irony is that the reclaim over spanish waters using spanish soil brought across the fence.

  3. Spain will allways complain about anything Gibraltar does, even if it were to be benificial to Spain itself, they would cut of their nose to spite their face. It is true that there have been major reclamations carried out by Spain itself, across the bay in Algeciras, whats godd for the goose………
    What we have in La Linea is a very unpopular mayor who will try anything to deflect the news from his shambolic running of the Ayuntamiento to ANYTHING else.

  4. Setting aside the territorial issue, those landfils will cause severe damage to the coast of La Linea, as they will interrupt the natural streams. And that’s a risk we can’t take for the sake of our prosperity.

  5. What prosperity is that Carlos? I expect most people with proper jobs commute to Gibralter anyway lol. The chip on La Linea’s shoulder is that they are jealous to the core of Gibralter’s success.

  6. What about La Linea’s own landfills Carlos? The one in the Campamento is almost the size of all of the reclamation in Gibraltar current and planned. And most of Gibraltar’s reclamation is inside its harbour anyway. You really don’t have a leg to stand on – as usual… Oh and we have not even started talking about the Isla Verde part of the Port of Algeciras, which alone is almost as big as Gibraltar itself. You really should get that plank of wood out of your own eye before trying to pick the speck of sawdust out of Gibraltar’s

  7. Reading the repeated false claim that Mafia occupied Gibraltar has any territorial waters reminds why decent Englishmen reasonably hold the terrorist Zionist State of Britain in complete contempt. This fading Rothschild owned mercenary state has no moral right to the Spanish Island of Gibraltar, and not the slightest legal right to the Spanish Waters that entirely surround it. The theft of Spanish territorial waters with landfill from Gibraltar should be suction dredged to be added to Spain’s perfectly legitimate landfill projects. I’d man the dredge as a volunteer one day a week. Clearly considering the offensive arrogance of their thug neighbours the Spaniards could not be criticized if they choose to house Spain’s most noxious industries in the bay, and freely host weekly flotilla Heavy Rock concerts.
    With the usual contemptible lack of integrity of the British government, Spain is at a very distinct disadvantage and they need to learn to repay arrogance with arrogance. While Britain’s Bankster puppet masters continue to have the power to sabotage the US and European economies their corrupt Masonic bureaucrat and judicial henchmen will continue to support such parasitic offences against decent sovereign nations such as Spain.

  8. Yes I escaped the rubber room of believing the bull from BBC and the idiot box. And indeed I don’t drink fluoridated water or eat proccesed foods laced chemicals that have no legitimate reason to be added. I look for truth and expect to be derided by both crooks that wish to hide the truth and one eyed fools that get a kick out of putting others down. Look up ‘Utrecht Treaty’ and open both eyes.

  9. Spain has the right to check every bag .car and take as long they want .oh you people out there never hear of the Schengen agreement Briating and Ireland is the two only country in europe that the never sing the agreement

  10. Britain like any corrupt thug takes any effort by their intended victims of piracy to find a fair compromise as a sign of weakness. Spain should close down the airport that in an act of kindness they allowed to be built on no-mans-land.

  11. AJ Hollis,

    Spain was’nt a corrupt thug when looting and exterminating on an industrial scale in Central and South America – was it?

    Or exterminating the Guanche in the islands they now call the Canaries.

    Time to chew up for breakfast some history books – they will undoubtedly give you indigestion but might restore some semblance of sanity.

  12. Really Stuart your distraction sounds like that of a gate keeper. One doesn’t need to go so far back for the extermination of every single Tasmanian Aboriginal by the Brits. In North America Britain broke Treaty after Treaty as it committed what is probably the biggest & most treacherous act of bloody genocide in history. The only comparable atrocity in modern history is that of Russia, when Freemason and Zionist Banker sponsored Bolsheviks who presided over the deaths of scores of millions through starvation in what was previously bread basket of the world.
    Perhaps you should try reading the history written by the victims rather than the puppets of the criminal elite who own the increasingly corrupt and treasonous British establishment and that of our US cousins.

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