9 Apr, 2011 @ 08:45
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Puppy torture man arrested

By Wendy Williams

A MAN who tortured a puppy and cut off its ears and tail is facing prison.

The Spaniard from Badajoz also cut the nose off tiny ‘Fito’, who miraculously survived the ordeal.

Fito and his brother, who tragically died, were discovered in a bin in Badajoz in 2009.

Last week police arrested a middle-aged man following complaints from animal protection organization ADANA.

The accused admitted the crime and confessed to other animal abuse.

He now faces a prison sentence following a recent legal change that makes animal abuse punishable under criminal law.

Police believe he may also be connected to another man – also from Badajoz – who released a step-by-step video on the internet of him torturing and killing a puppy.

A global search was launched to find the man, who has threatened to torture and kill another 94 dogs.

Several animal rights groups have come together to offer a reward of 6,000 euros for any information that leads to the man’s arrest.

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  1. Spain is another EU country (like Italy and the Balkan States) that need to bring their Animal Welfare Laws into the 21st century. They are currently from the Middle Ages.

  2. Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, they all need to bring their Animal Welfare laws into this century. The fact is that these countries give little or no thought to animals, they treat them like vermin. I know Greece has recently brought in a Police Directive instructing police to act and find people when an animal crime has been committed. It is there at least, although I would not say it is working, some police have still not heard of it! I don’t know about the laws in the other countries I have mentioned, I do know that ROMANIA the government has passed a law to KILL ALL STRAYS, how can they do this when they are a member of the EU? Something is very wrong in this evil world we live in and it is about time governments realised that if they want tourists they will have to start behaving in a civilised way to their animals.

  3. In Italy, in theory they have laws to protect animals, but the practice is very far from the truth. i will not defend Italy even thought is my country. I hate the corruption of the circus like government and I hate the callousness of a vast majority of Italians. I am always heartbroken and disgusted when i read about how animals are treated in Italy.
    The EU should step in and make Italy and other abusive countries to comply ith animals laws.

  4. Yes, Spain is Europe’s shame in this theme!! I’m from Spain and a lot of people are fighting very hard to change the animal proteccion law, but we also need your help because our politicians don’t care nothing about this. We are trying this criminal goes to jail, about 100.000 people are working for this, but it’s not sure,so we need your support and if you could put on air this horrible case on Tv or press, would be good. Our politicians have to see the shame that Spain shows in other contries.Thanks so much everyone who is supporting this cause and helping.Hugs from Spain

  5. how evil???? shame on you Spain and all your European countries who are so dam heartless!!!

    life is prison is what he deserves!!!
    There is no excuse for abuse!!!

  6. These disgusting sick demons who do this evil 2 defenceless animals need too be caught and severely punished for what they do. They make Me so sick and angry hiding behind videos cameras & computers there must be a way to find out who they are.

  7. OMG that is horrible and it take this long for the law to catch him. This is so in human. He need to be punish to the fullest of the law and God law too. I just can’t believe what has been done. It seem to me these people are live to kill and abuse animals.

  8. This is disgusting and a crime but in no way an excuse to say “Spain is heartless” and the like. 99,9% of the population is very concerned and shameful because these affairs. Police was immediately contacted. Civil inhabitants helped with their attitude to find the torturer. There is widespread claiming to improve laws that regulate animal treat. Please, don’t generalize.

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