TRIBUTES have flooded in for a British teenager who fell to her death from a motorway bridge.

Hundreds of family and friends have expressed their sorrow for Samantha Hardy, 19, who jumped onto the N340.

The troubled teenager was allegedly killed by a passing car after landing on the dual carriageway in La Cala, in the early hours of the morning.

Thousands have since visited her Facebook page, as well as a specially set up memorial site at

Among countless tributes, the teenager from Bolton, is described as ‘boisterous, loving, caring and giving’.

Bouquets of flowers have been left beside the bridge, while mourners dressed in pink (her favourite colour) for her funeral at Fuengirola Crematorium. Pink balloons were also released.

One tribute read: “You were always so full of life, always up for fun; you were the life and soul of the party!! I still can’t believe you’re actually gone.”


  1. sam was a lovely girl she was at colege with my sister i only met her a few times but when i was with her was with her all day and my sister at colege. she always had a smile on her face and she always put one on mine! she wll be very missed! xxxx

  2. I used to go to school with Sam and known her almost 6 years! would never have thought this would have happend!!! terrible….She was always the party animal never down or depressed always smiling always having a laff….such a shame!! RIP SAM! xxxxx

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