EXCLUSIVE by James Bryce

THE owner of a rat-infested property on the Costa del Sol is pleading with her residents association to put an end to the nightmare.

Eve Field, from Torremolinos, has put up with the four legged foes – which live in overgrown land at the foot of her garden – for over six months.

The sports promoter, who has lived in the property for nearly 25 years, has now taken her housing association to court in a bid to stem the infestation.

Field is furious that despite paying a monthly fee towards the upkeep of the urbanisation, they are not clearing up vegetation at the back of the property, where the rats live.

“All I ask is that they cut it back because the rats are running wild,” she said, after appearing in Torremolinos court.

“Why should I pay 300 euros a month to have rats living in my garden?”

The rats have got into the house on several occasions, and Field, AGE, has got evidence that they have been attempting to build nests in her house.

“On one occasion my daughter literally stumbled across a rat coming up the stairs,” she said.

“It’s nearly summer but I can’t open the doors or windows because I’m terrofied that the rats will come in,” she added.

Field says that rat poison was put down last November but was limited to places where her dog couldn’t reach it, and subsequently failed to deal with the problem.

The issue was not on the agenda at the association’s last meeting in April but Field has since been told that the problem is being looked into.

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