By James Bryce

AS you step on the plane after your break in the sun, don’t be surprised if your wallet feels a little lighter than you had expected.

For two in three Brits overspend by 395 euros when they go on holiday.

The average holidaymaker takes 520 euros to spend, most of which is spent on eating out and sightseeing.

The over-spend is often blamed on pre-holiday purchases such as clothes, although 30 per cent admit to going over budget as a result of setting unrealistic spending targets.

Women are the worst culprits, admitting they often get carried away by the holiday mood.

Incredibly one in five of us decides on a purchase without even checking the price first.

The result is they spend 50 per cent more than planned on souvenirs.

The highest spending British tourists are East Anglians with 75 per cent admitting to blowing their budget.

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