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Bullfighting gets reprieve in Spain

SPAIN’S most controversial past-time has been officially recognised as ‘an artistic discipline and cultural product’.

Fuelling the debate between aficionados and animal rights campaigners the government has announced that the ministry of culture will now be responsible for the ‘development and protection’ of bullfighting.

The ministry said in a statement: “As it is understood that bullfighting is an artistic discipline and a cultural product, it was considered that the ministry of culture was the correct place for its development and protection.”

It comes after bullfighting organisations mounted pressure on the government to protect the industry following last year’s decision to ban the sport in Catalonia.

And supporters see the change in status as a step towards protecting the tradition from further regional bans.

Juan Diego from the Bullfighters Union said the decision was necessary ‘for the protection and guardianship of bullfighting’ and he called the sport ‘a symbol of Spanish cultural heritage that shapes the national identity.’

But opponents, who label bullfighting a barbaric blood sport, have accused the government of abandoning its commitment to animal rights.

Silvia Barquero, spokeswoman for Pacma, an anti-bullfighting political party said the decision to switch responsibility was ‘complete nonsense … a measure which sends us back to the Middle Ages’.

It comes after the Catalan regional government voted to ban bullfighting last July – by 68 votes to 55 – on the grounds it is cruel and outdated.

The ban, which has not been affected by this latest decision, will be the first to be introduced in mainland Spain when it comes into effect next January.

Wendy Williams

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  1. Bullfihting is a great shame for spaniards. We need the force of all countries to make understand spanish politicians that they only do what importants tauromaquia lobbys says. They are manipulated for money. PLEASE, HELP US END THIS INQUISITORIAL AND CRUEL TORTURE TO ANIMALS. Have you ever seen a Toro embolado? Search the images at Internet. It’s incredible that in an european country occurs that horrible and incivilizated practice.

  2. What Rot!!The government has done this in some pathetic attempt to “normalize” this barbaric “industry”. They know that the tide of public opinion, and the opinion of “civilised” countries is turning against this outdated and Neandertholic behavior.
    Apply this simple rule:
    If the activity involves the death or pain of another living creature that has not consented to take part, then the activity is obviously morally wrong and therefore should be outlawed.
    Tradition, culture etc have no bearing on this simple, easy to understand rule. OPEN YOUR EYES SPAIN,AND ACCEPT THAT YOUR ANIMAL TORTURING DAYS WILL SOON BE OVER!!

  3. I’m hugely disappointed by this (lack of) judgement. I think anything could be considered artistic if looked at in a certain light, perhaps even the way Jack the Ripper cut up his victims.

    If anything else, bullfighting continues to set a precedent in Spain to legitimise other types of animal cruelty.

    I am sure if bullfighting was banned, people would think twice about they treat their domestic animals.

    In Andalucia especially, people are still living in the 18th century in terms of animal welfare. The number of things that you normally see: horses tied up with hardly any rope in the full sun and no food or water nearby, dogs tied to chains, cats poisoned, horses ridden with pointed spurs, oxen driven to the ground, donkeys kept for days/weeks in tiny stables with no exercise. I could go on, but you probably get my gist already.

    Spain is first world in many ways, but unfortunately, still third world in terms of animal welfare.

  4. What area of Narnia do you all live?
    The Spanish have enjoyed Bullfighting for centuries, it is part of their culture, to watch it is probably the most exciting thing that I have done, the courting, the marriage and finally the divorce, wonderful and carried out by a gorgeous young man in a skin tight suit of lights!
    That bull has had a wonderful life for 3-5 years, his own heard of cows free range in Extremadura or Cadiz, until he is shipped to be dispatched in a most glorious way for our entertainment, and then eaten as a raw steak in a local resturant.
    If he has performed well the Matador will get the ears, tail also if exceptional, recycling on a bullish scale.

    SPAIN… ignore these people who cannot kill a chicken,a lamb or pig, if it comes in a package from M&S you don’t have to think where it came from or how it died, if you saw inside a slaughter house, and smelt the death, a bull in a ring although it is going to die at least dies with dignity!

  5. The most exciting thing you have done?? Perhaps you should get a life Xavier! If you like gorgeous young men in skin tight suits, I am sure you can find other ways to get your kicks, rather than torturing innocent animals until they collapse. They are not dispatched with “dignity”. It is far from “glorious” but more often than not stabbed numerous times in the brain, often having there ears removed whilst still alive, and left to die in a painful and UNDIGNIFIED manner.
    Xavier, you and others of the same ilk deserve to rot in hell for finding this bloodlusting entertainment!!
    How can you speak of the murder of an innocent animal in such a cold hearted manner??
    Please remember also that the majority of Spain believes that bullfighting should be banned and consider it shameful that such a wonderful countries name is smeared with this despicable industry, that should be confined to the history books!

  6. Xavier. Can you tell us all where the dignity is in this bulls death? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZvvGn1cJ5s
    Look at your brave, gorgeous young man hiding like a frightened child. Unlike the bull of course, he has got nowhere to go for protection.
    Perhaps the most disturbing thing is the amount of minors there. What a wonderful example to young people this is!!!

  7. OOOOOOH! Andrew, a Gorgeous man is a Gorgeous man whether he’s hiding or fighting,so tight that suit!!! And as for all of the miners they must have come from the Rhonda!!! Tat Ta, X

  8. I don’t know why Spain clings on so desperately to bullfighting. Modern Spain doesn’t need it any more.

    The Spanish culture is so much more than bullfighting. Even if it was banned, the Spanish identity wouldn’t suffer. In fact, it would be vastly improved.

  9. I like my Bull Burger medium rare, you know, grab the bull by the horns and walk him slowly past the fire, then throw him on a slightly toasted bun with some melted Manchego, lettuce, pan fried onions a little gurken, two slices of fresh tomato for condiment some fresh alioli and Colemans mustard. A side of Papa Frita – hold the salad and the Coke – I’ll have a half bottle of Rioja instead

    Thank you

    Now where is the problem – that is one cultural meal folks …

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