A MALAGA surgeon has been sentenced to two and half years in prison after a mother of two died following a liposuction operation.

Encarnacion Salazar, 44, died of multiple organ failure after the surgeon perforated her intestine during the cosmetic procedure.

The woman, who moved to Malaga from Ceuta in 2007 to have a breast reduction and liposuction around her stomach, should have recovered within a couple of days but died five months later in the Carlos Haya Hospital.

The family has always maintained her death was the result of medical malpractice.

Now the prosecutor has ruled in their favour, arguing the surgeon carried out the procedure ‘without a prior ultrasound’ to establish the thickness of the abdominal wall and the presence of an abdominal weakness common after pregnancy.

In addition to his prison sentence the surgeon must now pay the family 240,000 euros in compensation.

Meanwhile the family is still calling for two other doctors who treated Salazar after her operation to be charged as well.

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  1. 18 months, tops, doesn’t seem much, even with 240k,- if it’s ever paid.Not sure how it works in Espana,but can’t imagine there’s a dedicated arm of government, busily enforcing the judicial decisions made on plaintiffs behalf. So, in effect?

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