ALL charges have been dropped against those involved in a fatal construction accident in Almunecar.

Some 11 people were charged with negligent homicide after a section of a flyover on the A7 collapsed and fell 67 metres in 2005, killing six workers.

The defendants always maintained the work had been carried out correctly and that the accident could not have been prevented.

Now, having examined the evidence and hearing witness statements, the prosecutor has dropped all charges.

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  1. Really if you look over time at the continual corruption stories of Almunecar all the accidents the ghastly mayor the property fraud the abuse of animals – why are foreigners continuing to live there – or anywhere else in the Costa – certainly the Spanish themselves appear to be disappearing and living in UK – Spain is a member of the EU – and yet its safer to live in Ethiopia – I dislike Almunecar intensely – always have – first hand experience – corrupt ayuntamiento corrupt bank corrupt court corrupt police – the most awful place ever – taking it up with the British authorities – horrified that their actions continue on a daily basis – truly appauled.

  2. As if there is no corruption in rain soaked UK. It’s all buried deep in the City of London and corrupt local authorities and in the politics surrounding it. It’s just on the surface here in Spain and visible. They aren’t so good at hiding it. OK the Spanish property developers have ruined much of the costa but you can say that for most of what is now called the suburbs of London which were once beautiful villages in lush countryside. There is not much difference in the world wherever you go. But the weather, the water and the air is much, much better down here in Andalusia.

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