22 Mar, 2012 @ 18:28
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Beware of dodgy property deals in Spain, warns British Embassy

PROPERTY buyers in Spain are being warned by the British Embassy not to be tempted by ‘dodgy deals’ from pushy developers.

While most buyers encounter no problems when purchasing their dream home, the Embassy says thousands more are facing on-going problems after being talked into ‘cutting corners’ to secure their new homes more quickly or easily.

“You should exercise extreme caution if an estate agent, promoter or lawyer urges you to cut corners to save money or time,” said Embassy property adviser Alex Brown.

“The Spanish property conveyancing system is different to the UK,” she explained.

“When you choose an estate agent, promoter or lawyer to help with your purchase, check that they are qualified, reliable professionals and have significant experience of operating in Spain and expert knowledge of how the system works.

“We strongly urge people to check the advice in full, make sure they use fully qualified, reputable advisers throughout the purchase process, and avoid any kind of ‘dodgy deal’ that could end up costing huge amounts of heartache and hard-earned money later on.”

Further Embassy advice on buying property in Spain can be found on the UKinSpain website at: http://ukinspain.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/living-in-spain/property-in-spain.

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. Typical consular advice. If anything goes wrong with your purchase then it’s your own fault for not using correct procedure. Not even a hint that the whole system is rotten to the core and it’s impossible to be sure of anyone despite checking obsessively. Why don’t they just grow some cojones, own up and advise people not to buy until Spain gets it’s act together.

  2. Well Olive Press,you have this one completely wrong! First of all,Alex Brown is NOT the British Embassy Property Adviser. She is in fact attached to the Consulate in Madrid and she simply ADVISES, she doesn’t HELP British ex-pats within Andalucia on their property problems AT ALL.I have spoken to her on various matters and am able to say categorically that neither she, The British Consulate or Embassy will support OR assist British individuals in any way with problems or complaints against Spanish Property Builders, Estate Agents, Lawyers etc whether valid or even if the British individual were to find themselves evicted onto the street and without a home or place of residence even IF it was construed that this was done following the commision of some illegal act by the said Spanish Builder,Estate Agent or Lawyer etc. In plain English if you were cheated out of your hard earned home and thrown out in the street, even IF you are 80 year old pensioners, the British Embassy will NOT help you because the UK as a Signatory and Member to the Human Rights Act CANNOT interfere in the internal Laws of ANOTHER Member State.ie Spain

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